We’re about team first,

the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts. Our talent teams with our clients beyond the typical “serve you” mode. We integrate and meld into one becoming part of their team too. We seek brave clients who see the difference we deliver time and time again.

We’re creative thinkers and timeless souls who never rest until success is achieved. Our client’s success is ours. It’s our unbending agency culture. It’s how we make history and why we have been mixing up greatness for nearly twenty years. It doesn’t matter if it’s shaken, stirred or another methodology – we are going to find that unique blend of strategies that lifts brands in today’s avalanche of media noise.

We do it in a personal, persuasive and potent matter that evolves your brand into new space, new markets and new trends.

And we’ve been doing it since 1997…

Our Story

Upon celebrating 25 years in publishing, marketing, and advertising, this is the perfect time to reflect on the beginnings of Unique Image brand.

The Concept

In 1997, Wafa Kanan, our founder and CEO, wanted to start a business with a unique attribute that touches the soul and invigorate creativity. A futuristic brand and fresh concept with a promising new world of digital transformation that impact positive change on earth. An agency that can handle a complete progression of a campaign from creative concept to consumer engagement with an eye on differentiation and innovation of strategies that make a lasting impression.

A brand name was created: Unique Image.

The Process

Our brand first was created as a vision for the world. A planet that shines like a new star on companies that need marketing innovation. Protected by the atmosphere of knowledge and imaginative solutions to deliver unique impressions and brand awareness for our clients.

We eventually evolved to a more powerful and solid brand. We created a reality. The future begins today. An era to engage, communicate, interact, and tell our story that defines who we are and what we live and breathe for in this world. A global vision that communicates in an emotional, personal, and persuasive messages. What we envisioned once became the new norm today.

Our strategies are now evolving, taking creativity to the next level for the change our clients deserve. The “U” for Unique is carried by the “I” for Identity of self-awareness, so together we unite and ignite brands toward a new world of artificial intelligence that requires us to climb the mountain to see the rainbow or dig the well for a diamond in the rough. This is the commitment we will live by and thrive to achieve for fearless clients that wants to leave a dent in culture and influence positive change.

For nearly 30 years, Unique Image has embodied our signature color to deliver all the intangibles of purple: royal service, urgent campaigns, and strong blend of warm stylings and intelligence.


Our vision is to reshape the DNA of brands to influence positive change


Making your brand Unique is our passion. Creating powerful and purposeful above-the-line campaigns at below-the-line costs is our mission.

Core Values: Think Unique

Creating unique thumbprints one client at a time.

What’s your thumbprint?

Your fingerprints are unique so is your business. That means no one else in the world has the exact set of ridges and lines that defines you. Your campaigns should be unique as well. From initial concept development to experiential marketing, Unique Image aspiration is to deliver solutions that creates lasting impressions and tackle your marketing and advertising needs in personal, purposeful, and powerful methodology.

We drive your campaigns with fearless
core values that fuel every campaign.


Differentiation is the brand promise we thrive to deliver.


We give our clients peace of mind with our commitment to efficiency, high standard process, and production accuracy so they can breathe and focus on their business and flourish.


As an award-winning agency, we excel at producing innovative strategies and ideas to advance our clients’ brand for outstanding performance and results.


Our talent, thinkers, producers, and developers deliver above-the-line eye catching campaigns at below-the-line costs. Empowering and transforming their brand to triumph and scale forward.


Reshaping the DNA of brands to Influence positive change is the soul in everything we do.

Opinions about our values from client’s perspective:

 Honest, Eye Opening, Cultural

Works with Passion, Commitment, Creativity and Honesty

Clarity, Distinction, Results Driven, Committed

Due Diligence, Ethical and Innovative

Great Quality, Friendly, Caring and Wonderful

Customized services, Satisfactory Results, Critical Thinking, Creative, Responsive, Genius, Artistic, Imaginative and strive for excellence

Solution Provider, Meticulous, Consistent Results, Passionate, Commitment to Excellence, and Integrity

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