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Make Your Brand Shine Brilliantly in The New Age of Media

In the digitalized world of modern media, how do you effectively engage consumers with your brand? It’s no easy task, as the availability and instant accessibility of online media channels has made it challenging for brands to stand out against the vast sea of competitors.

We’ll help you get your message in front of the right people, delivering it straight to the hands of decision makers who have the power to globally influence your brand. Through our Plus+Direct program, your company will build an emotional connection with your customers, leading to greater loyalty, retention, and brand visibility.

Modernize Your Database Marketing

Generic email blasts are a thing of the past, as customers now demand a personalized and thoughtfully curated approach in order to earn their business. Properly executed data mining and generation of ad hoc reports will effectively personalize your marketing campaigns, while also establishing a greater knowledge base of your target demographics.

These strategies will help you not only anticipate your customer’s needs, but also proactively deliver exactly what they need, right to their doorstep.

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Improve Your Direct Mail and Fulfillment Processes

Print material isn’t outdated – it just takes a little extra creativity and innovation to make your direct mail marketing materials stand out from all the rest. Our Plus+Direct team draws upon decades of knowledge, expertise, and cost-effective production techniques to help you cut costs and improve productivity. You’ll not only save time, money, and resources, you’ll give flight to imaginative programs that garner global attention.

Put A Renewed Focus on Focus Groups

Focus groups remain one of the best ways to gather data-driven information about consumer behavior, while also determining the wants and needs of your target demographic. Our exclusive focus groups collect information from a variety of methods, including surveys, interviews, product sampling, testing, and specific demographic targets. These proven strategies deliver tangible data that helps your marketing and product development teams drive innovation and solve customer pain points, while also maximizing market share as an industry leader.
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Incentive Program

Boost Image And Customer Loyalty With Valuable Incentive Programs

The most valuable customers to your business are repeat customers. Reward your customers for standing by you through thick and thin, by offering attractive incentive programs or loyalty campaigns that help build a positive brand image. When customers feel valued and recognized, they are far less likely to turn to one of your competitors.

Unique Image has the expertise to structure and manage incentive programs and loyalty marketing campaigns that add to both your top and bottom lines.

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