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Media Planning Is the Cornerstone of an Effective Media Strategy

As opportunities for media exposure have grown exponentially over the past few decades, the opportunity for scalable business growth and globalization is better than ever before. Media planning on a global scale involves complexities that your business has likely not encountered before, but with Unique Image as your partner, you will instantly gain the benefits of our expertise in international media planning to help you reach new heights.

With the right combination of earned media, owned media, and paid media, the power to instantaneously reach a global audience has never been greater. You’ll have the ability to reach US-based customers and enter emerging markets, with a cohesive international marketing strategy that aligns with your present and future growth objectives while leveraging all media outlets.

As our team develops an understanding of what drives your business forward, we’ll perform an in-depth analysis of your company, goals, mission, values, and future growth aspirations to begin building a strategic media plan. We’ll also research industry buyer behavior to find out the most effective mediums to reach your target market, whether that is online, print media, television, or other niche media sources.

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Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Whether your budget is large or small, we’ll deliver impactful and powerful strategies that convert. As we identify the ideal approach to market positioning, your brand will reach the widest possible audience to achieve the greatest ROI on your marketing dollars.
Our specialty is uncovering the best medium to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Through strategic development of a purposeful media plan that effectively communicates your brand messaging, your business will gain the ability to speak directly to the audience with the most buying power.

Negotiate International Business Deals with Confidence

When you have your eye on building international business expansion and creative business partnerships, understanding the ins and outs of international negotiation strategies is an essential piece of the puzzle. This is where Unique Image can step in to ensure your negotiations run smoothly and seamlessly, while creating a mutually beneficial and desirable outcome.

We have executed successful business deals in countries around the world, and we have the inherent ability to navigate language barriers, respect cultural sensitivities, adhere to international negotiation styles, and resolve conflicts effectively, without causing offense or disregard to cultural ideologies.

Without the right international negotiation strategies, you could miss out on valuable opportunities for global collaboration, lucrative business deals, and sustained business growth.

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Integrate Both Virtual And In-Person Events

As part of a successful post-pandemic campaign, we leverage the possibilities that exist to capture a variety of leads by incorporating both virtual and in-person events. Organizations should certainly never underestimate the value of online connections, but should not neglect the importance of bonding, networking, and the lively dialogue that takes center stage during in-person events.

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