Wafa Kanan

Wafa Kanan

President and CEO, Corporate Strategist

Vibrant and dynamic. Fearless and strategic. Smart, shrewd, and savvy.

As a renowned Los Angeles-based international business consultant and creative professional, Wafa Kanan is building a legacy with every step forward. As the founder of an award-winning boutique marketing agency that has risen to prominence over the past 25 years, Kanan applies her multifaceted talents to help brands, businesses, and global communities thrive. Wafa Kanan is determined to leave the world a better place, while inspiring businesses to make a positive influence across the globe.

Kanan is a strong and resilient leader with a wealth of expertise in the global tourism industry. She recognizes when to navigate the path ahead with steady confidence, and when to change course. Her fearless leadership and insightful strategies have driven successful collaboration with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, fairs, festivals, and the government and entertainment sectors.

From an early age, Kanan displayed an inherent talent for crafting poetry, and her impressive career trajectory could be described as poetry in motion. After honing her journalism skills, Kanan expanded her creative journey into publishing and film production. As an inspired filmmaker and accredited producer, she brings life to her poetry by introducing music and visuals to awaken all senses. Her latest short film production, “Awakenings”, has been nominated and officially selected over 40 times in festivals around the world, collecting a dozen wins in five separate events.

Wafa Kanan’s strategies continue to break down long-standing barriers, replacing oppression with opportunity, and transforming inequality into empowerment.

Industry Awards, Accolades, and Initiatives

Wafa Kanan was recognized as an “International Woman of the Year” by the Los Angeles Times, and was named a recipient of the prestigious PRNEWS award.

As a philanthropist, Kanan has supported over 100 nonprofit organizations, and is the founder of the ALO Cultural Foundation, which helps to fund and support global initiatives.

Kanan’s campaigns and strategies have also brought home the gold standard of distinguished awards, including the Emmy, Telly, Communicator, and Davey Awards. Kanan believes art is the language of the universe, and her dedication to excellence in serving her clients drives every campaign. And she will not stop until she achieves the desired objectives.

Each time.

Every time.

And that is only the beginning.

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What Our Clients Say

  We drive creative solutions that delivers unique impressions and brand awareness for our clients.  
  We transfer brands with creativity to drive solutions. If we must climb the mountain to see the rainbow or dig the well for the diamond in the rough, is the commitment we will live by and strive for 

  Unique Image takes all the worry out of the work we cannot complete in-house. When we were stuck on the creative for a national advertising campaign, not only did they come up with the foundation of a brand that we still use years later, but they provided insights into our complete B2C approach to marketing that layered the thinking that led to a five-year marketing plan that keeps bearing fruit. No other outside agency has ever delivered what they did at a price that wouldn’t, and didn’t, jeopardize my annual marcom budget. 

  Working with Unique Image is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my organization. Unique Image works closely with us to understand our needs and consistently delivers marketing assets that are beautiful, thoughtful and impactful. 

  Wafa Kanan and her team hold to an impeccable standard of excellence, from design to execution. Unique Image provides personalized service and always goes above and beyond to ensure our success in both overall branding and design as well as with our special event planning. 

  Unique Image helped Westside Food Bank with a comprehensive rebranding process that included a wide range of assets including brochures, digital design assets, food collection boxes, stationary, promotional items, advertisement design, business cards, and more, while providing thoughtful consultation and advice to guide us through the process. 

  Over the years that we’ve worked with Unique Image we’ve seen significantly higher response rates for our mail solicitations and enjoyed greater visibility in the community. I highly recommend Unique Image for their professionalism, commitment to.