U&I Vision


We believe that art is the language of the universe. Every campaign breathes energy and creativity. It speaks from the heart and soul of the brand. We work with brands not because it pays our bills or makes a profit. We empower brands that we believe in that will make a positive influence in the world. Our VIP EthosVision, Inspiration and Passion—is the promise we make to every client.

This is how we created the U & I Vision program. It is the “YOU” that knows your craft, you know your business. The “I” represent the image you would like to represent to the world. We are all about differentiating your brand and inspire consumers to believe in you. Every campaign we create has a purpose and that purpose speaks your voice, your vision and your mantra in our 3P MethodologyPersonal Potent and Persuasive. Why? Because YOU matter and because YOU inspire a change that will influence the future generation. We are in a world that keeps changing. One thing, however, will never change and that is your identity. Our team of thinkers, creatives, and strategists ensures this reality.

For us, the U & I, is about the relationship we create with you and your prospects. We believe in the power of giving. Our U & I Vision program is the soul of our company. We strive to excel for our clients so in return we empower the community with our outreach programs, transformation of non-profit brands and making a difference in the community you serve. Every dollar spent with Unique Image increases your visibility and extends into the ability to make an everlasting change in the world you serve.

We are reimagining the future. Join the conversation to ensure that your voice, your mission is delivered effectively . And that your story and community involvement is magnified. When synthesized, the uniqueness of your brand is captured by the experience of transformation.

This is your identity. This is your purpose.

This is your Unique Image.

Straight Talk

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our long-standing non-profits clients have to say:

“Wafa Kanan exemplifies the best of human kindness and inspires hope to all. The 6,000 families we serve thank her and Unique Image for their tireless efforts in helping fight muscular dystrophy.”

Nora G.

District Director, Muscular Dystrophy Association

“Unique Image put the festival on the map in Los Angeles. Their work gave us the credibility needed to compete in a crowded market.”

Robin S.

President and Founder, International Student Film Festival Hollywood

Unique Image really gets to know their customers. They are:

-Strategic thinkers. They think deeply about how to approach things.

-Creative team. They think through things from angles others might not.

Adam K.

President, Kaiser Permanente

“Project Angel Food is honored the work with Unique Image, Their work has enabled us to feed countless people in the Los Angeles Area bound to their homes who would not otherwise be able to take care for themselves.”

John G.

Project Angel Food

“Their work not only raised awareness for children in the Middle East, but also for our organization in general, which allows us to worry about programs rather than marketing and advertising.”

Jeffrey M.

CHF International

“We are so pleased to be able to work with Unique Image. At first their program seemed too good to be true, but we soon learned that it is a dream for us, and we hope that your wonderful business model will inspire others to help in the community.”

Genevieve R.

Director of Development, Westside Food Bank

U&I Vision in the Los Angeles Times
Chronicled in the pages of the Los Angeles Times, the U&I Vision program provides innovative advocacy in tough economic times.